Stickin’ it to ’em in Vegas, Baby!

skullsmallI’ve spent this week in Las Vegas.  I have to tell you this is one of my least favorite places in North America.  I’m not a gambler.  I can’t count fast enough to make sense of card games or dice! If I’m going to give you some money, I want a guaranteed return of something tangible.  Like a pair of fabulous shoes,a magical massage, delicious sushi or a piece of bling-ed out jewelry. Even with all of it’s beautiful hotels and great shows, I’m just not a huge fan.  This week marks my 10th trip to Sin City, so as far as I’m concerned, I don’t need to come back…EVER!

So, what brings me to my least favorite place in North America? Butch and Harold.

Butch and Harold logo

No, they aren’t too old men that I decided to track down in Las Vegas.  Butch and Harold is the amazingly creative company that my Canadian, sister, friends Ariane and Michelle Gold started in 2007. We are working the Las Vegas Market this week

The sisters took the concept of the vinyl wall decals they had in their boys bedrooms and created reusable and removable wall frames.  When I first saw the frames, I wished I would have had some when I was growing up.  Back in the day, I had countless stickers all over my mirror in my bedroom.  As we all know, when you go to peel those stickers off, they never come off in one piece.  They leave behind evidence of their existence and a sticky mess that takes forever to get off, if you can even get it to come off.

The frames are perfect for kids rooms, college dorms and apartments. They are great on the refrigerators to frame up Corbin’s artwork, too.  The adhesive vinyl sticks to anything and won’t peel the paint off the wall when you removed them.  AND you don’t have to commit to a nail in the wall.  Have you ever hung a frame only to find that it isn’t in exactly the right place?  Me too!  Then you have a nail hole to plug and you have to start over.  With the Butch and Harold frames, you can slap up a photo anytime, anywhere and take it down the next moment and not worry with damaging a wall or surface.

You can find Butch and Harold at Bed Bath and Beyond and on-line at  They make great gifts, too and are really affordable!