zhwahhhhh-də-veave, Y’all

Moi! As translated from the Southern dialect that DJ so beautifully employs…DJ brings you stories that celebrate the joy of life.  As a small town girl, she spent years wanting to get out of Arkansas and explore the world. She did it. DJ has been reporting and writing about life since she could form letters and speak to anyone who would listen. DJ is likely to explain the heart warming memories of dissecting an Oreo as a young kid and analyzing the cost per wear of a pair of Manolo Blahnik stilettos! Note:  You have to wear them A LOT to get your return on investment!  

DJ travels to fun places usually with 50 pounds of luggage and nothing to wear…she tends to forget to pack her panties. She takes you along on her trips showing you the best of each destination whether it is in Europe or in Arkansas. Growing up as the perfect second child in a family of 3, she swore she was never having kids up until the moment she actually gave birth to her son. The challenges of motherhood have provided her lots of teachable moments including having to explain the “F” word in detail to him. DJ shares those stories and others with brutal honesty and humor.

This well-traveled Arkansan now lives in Manhattan with her two boys; her son and the worlds most amazing wiener dog, Leo!