That’s What They Said

airplaneviewsmallI left home in New York City a month and a half ago.  I did not set out in July with the intention to be gone for 45 days, but that is how it transpired for a host of reasons. Looking back on my travels and fun times shared over dinner, drinks and road trips with some of my closest friends, five quotes and comments come to mind that have stayed with me. They’ve provided the reason for my gigantic smile and led to some random outbursts of laughter when they cross my mind. The others have stuck around like a warm, snuggly security blanket.  The short list is below. And in an effort to keep my friends near and dear, I will not be attributing any of the quotes to any of them by name!  I’m a vault like that when it comes to my friends!

“Move forward with grace and ease.”


“When the horse dies, get off.”


“I should drink more.”

Cucumber Crush Cocktail

“Go where the universe takes you, DJ.”

DJ on Crested Butte

“Dad, does she have super powers?” “Yes, son.  It’s called her vagina.”


My friends are an essential part of my joie de vivre, y’all! I can’t imagine my life without each and every one of them.