Hidden Gems on the Upper West Side

I love being able to share my favorite New York spots with you on “Meet Me There“.  Of course, showing you all of my favorites would have made the episode about two hours long! But here are some Upper West Side gems for your next visit:

  • As I said in the episode, Milo’s is my favorite restaurant in New York City. But my favorite neighborhood bistro is Cafe Luxembourg. It’s just around the corner from me, and it’s been a local favorite for more than three decades. The menu is wonderful and the bartender is top notch!

    Cafe Luxembourg New York City

    Cafe Luxembourg

  • I love the bright lights of Broadway, but I’ve discovered and even become a part of some amazing live entertainment at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre. UCB was founded by some very funny folks—including Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live fame—and is the training ground for many of the cast members on that show, The Daily Show, and others. I started taking improv classes at UCB and fell in love with it. The shows are hilarious and, unlike some Broadway productions,don’t require you to take money out of your 401k to pay for tickets! If you like to laugh, you won’t be disappointed.

    UCB Theatre Chelsea

    UCB Theatre Chelsea

  • To my great relief, Corbin found a neighborhood toy store that has cut down on our trips to the Times Square Toys R Us! Now we hit Stationery and Toy on West 72nd Street. Despite the conspicuous lack of an indoor Ferris wheel, he is happy as can be, and so am I.

    Stationery and Toy David W. Dunlap/The New York Times

    Stationery and Toy
    David W. Dunlap/The New York Times

  • Some big name brand stores have moved onto my main drag, Columbus Avenue, but I still prefer to pop into A Tempo for a new dress or Cafe Margot in the historic Ansonia building for a hot cup of coffee after grocery shopping at my local Fairway grocery store.

    Cafe Margot

    Cafe Margot

  • I’m OVER the cupcake craze, aren’t you? When I’m hungry for a baked treat, I head over to Levain bakery on West 74th. The $4 cookies are as big as softballs. They’re meant to be shared – but don’t ask me to share with you. I won’t. They are that good! Get the chocolate-peanut butter chip cookie. You’re welcome!


    Cookies are THAT big!


Hidden Gems on the Upper West Side — 5 Comments

  1. Hi DJ,
    I am a fellow ER member from CT and just came across your blog- thanks to ER compass! I was thrilled to see that you included my sister’s bakery, Levain, among your hidden gems on the UWS! I regularly bring the cookies for the Concierge when we are staying @ Park Ave Place or Trump int’l- they are big fans as well!

    Happy travels to your next awesome destination. I’m off to visit my son in San Francisco in a few weeks…. So much fun!!

    • Barb,

      What a small world we live in! I’m so thrilled you read the post and what a crazy coincidence that your sister’s bakery is in my hood!!! Those cookies are D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S.!!! The next time you are in the city, let me know. We will have to catch up over cookies! Those concierge must LOVE you when you stay in NYC if you are bringing along Levain cookies! If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Gayle King write about Levain in one of her columns in Oprah magazine recently. Gayle lives in my building…right above me actually. She’s a foodie and a super nice lady!

      Enjoy San Fran! I was there two years ago. I’m off to Deer Valley on Monday of another shoot…hoping to catch the tail end of the fall foliage!

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