The Skimm on the Oscars

motherofpearl-smallMy friend recently turned me onto The Skimm. It’s just that….a skim of the news, what you need to know, what impact it has on your life, and who the players are in the story. As a journalist, I first thought it was not “good enough” for me. Yes, I know that makes me sound like a total snob. Which I admit I can be when it comes to current events. But here’s a confession – I can’t keep up with everything in full detail all the time and have a life that includes raising an 8-year-old! Ukraine, I hear ya! It’s a mess. But I’m trying to get my son to eat healthy, learn to tie his shoes and master long division!

So, I laughed out loud this morning BEFORE I even crawled out of bed after reading The Skimm’s run down on the Oscars and the best film nominations.The Oscars are on Sunday. And you have a lot of movies to cram in this weekend. Don’t stress. Here’s what you need to know about the best pic noms from The Skimm.


12 Years a Slave… A man is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Very hard to watch and if you don’t like it, you’re a bad person. Lupita Nyong’o. Know her.

The Wolf of Wall Street… It took three hours for Martin Scorsese to explain why you shouldn’t look up to Jordan Belfort and why you shouldn’t work on quaaludes.

Her… This is what happens when you like Siri too much.

Dallas Buyers Club… It took Jared Leto dressing like Kelly Bundy and Matthew McConaughey losing his entire BMI to become major Oscar contenders.

American Hustle… Bradley Cooper got a perm and made Amy Adams — in a weird accent — con some people. Kind of. Everyone said they really liked it but secretly didn’t.

Captain Phillips… Tom Hanks at sea again. But he’s kidnapped this time.

Gravity… Sandra Bullock desperately misses it when she’s lost in space. This is your worst nightmare.

Nebraska… Black and white. Road trip. Bruce Dern will make you cry.

Philomena… Judi Dench tries to find her son. Everyone likes Judi Dench.

Who will win?  Who cares!  It’s all about the red carpet and what the stars are wearing at the end of the day!