Om Shanti, 80s Music and Bearing Right in NYC

It’s graduation week for me.  “Some one cue up ‘Pomp and Circumstance’, please”.  I wrapped up my second story telling class at The Peoples Improv Theater last week.  The class graduation show was a hit! And I shared my story, “Om Shanti Mother F**ker” that started as a blog post!  You can watch it here!

My second graduation of the week took place on stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade!  I don’t have any video of the performance. Call me a scaredy cat, but you just never know what is going to unfold on a stage in an improv class!  As it turns out, the scenes were full of sex, twisted fetishes and bikini waxes!  Think I made the right call on giving my camera guy the night off!  I do have some photos as proof that the show actually took place though.   And I passed the class which means I’m moving on to Improv 2-0-1 in December.  Who knows, Lorne Michaels may decide he needs a southern belle in the SNL cast next season? Hah!  I won’t hold my breath.

Improv Homies

Improv Homies

She’s Got a Story to Tell

My story telling class at The Peoples Improv Theater or The Pit is in the books. My friend, Dana, recommended I take the class and after looking into it, I knew she was on to something.  As a television journalist, I’ve been telling stories for a long time.  However, as a journalist, I was reporting facts professionally with as little bias as possible.  This, however, is just me telling you a story from my point of view and experience.  It really sums up what this blog is about.  Me giving you a look into my world through my lens –  however off the wall it may be!  And God knows some of it will seem off the wall at times.


After spending the last 8 weeks downtown on Monday nights, I recently performed my story in front of a live audience at The Pit on East 24th Street here in Manhattan.  I was first up and took to the stage just as my nerves began to settle down! Check out the You Tube video below.

My instructors David Crabb and Michele Wallson were absolutely amazing.  With their guidance and critiques during the classroom sessions, I quickly learned the basics of telling a story!  Yes, there is a method to the madness.

I’m hooked.

I’ve got a boat load of material.

And I can’t wait to get back on a stage to tell another story!

Friends and family, consider yourself warned.