Saturday at PS 1 – Was It A Rave?

heroesA friend recommended we check out the Saturday Warm Up series at MOMA PS1 in Long Island City.  It came highly recommended and after checking it out on-line, I decided it would be a fun thing for the three of us to try out on a Saturday.

I snagged the tickets on-line and we took the 7 train over to the museum.  I knew immediately that something was off when we walked up to the museum.  First of all, there were no kids in sight.  Well, not “no kids” but just three that I saw as we stood in the line that snaked around the museum.  As we inched closer, Mark took a peek inside the courtyard where the event was taking place.  When he turned around and looked at me, I knew something was up.  With a laugh, he said, “I think this is a rave”!

No way, my friend would never suggest I take Corbin to something that wasn’t age appropriate.  We made our way in, passed the security check point where we were “tagged and stamped” and proceeded into the courtyard.

It wasn’t so bad actually.  The music was great!  But within in a few minutes, it hit me.  The smell of marijuana.  Uh oh, maybe we were at a rave?  A more high brow, artsy, well curated rave.  Oh shit!  We made it into the museum with enough time to scope things out before the galleries closed.  I had to rush Corbin though an exhibit with dead animals hanging from a tree and into the room where Ansel Adams was on display.  Hurray for American photography!

See the exit all the way down there?

See the exit all the way down there?

As a parent, I’ve gone to insane lengths to keep Corbin away from inappropriate video games, tv shows, people, relatives, food, situations, etc. And yet, here we were, smack dab in the middle of a full on dance party with alcohol and the occasional joint being passed around!  “No son, you can’t eat at McDonald’s, but I’ll take you to a beer and pot infested dance party!”  Yes, you should be laughing out loud now because I am STILL laughing even as I type this!!! Corbin was intrigued with the art and loved the music.  He was not thrilled the the size of the crowd!  Or the smelly homeless man on the subway ride back to Manhattan. “Mom, I think that man pooped in his pants.  He smells awful”, Corbin said.  I think that is exactly what the situation was with the homeless man.

Check out the photos that I managed to snap in between keeping a death grip on Corbin and trying to make my way out of the sea of cool, young, hip, slightly inebriated, urban people.

Image 1Image