July the 4th Fun

yellow plumsWhile most of the city seemed to be away for the 4th of July, we found ourselves hanging out in Manhattan.  Corbin is in the middle of his first year of summer camp.  He’s loving every minute of it, too! So, we didn’t want to take our annual trip to Vail, CO for the holiday and have him miss out on all of the fun.  Instead, we rolled out of bed on Wednesday and headed to Union Square for breakfast and shopping at the farmer’s market. I love the farmer’s market at Union Square.  It is a site to behold during the summer months when just about everything is available for sale.  Here is a look at some of the things we saw and bought!

Fun with Fries at the Coffee Shop


Checking out the sugar plums

Radishes….not my favorite veggie. But these are beautiful!

Squash Blossoms for sale…get your squash blossoms here!

A great place to get to use an EBT card or WIC vouchers! Better than using them at McDonald’s!


Black raspberries taste fabulous

Rainbow Swiss Chard…what do you do with this?

Fresh fish even on a hot July day!

The wittiest thing about the day!

Okra…on pizza? Read the sign!

Calla Lillies in a bucket

Hard to walk away from this when everything looks so good!

Beautiful and delicious!

If you have a farmer’s market in your area, I highly recommend checking it out for the best of summers garden glory!